Outdoor Hanging Foldable Tent Portable Canopy Double Hammock Bug Net

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Material Parachute nylon fabric
Tail knot Double Sheet Bend
Size Double hammock 290 * 145 cm / 114 * 57 in
Weight of hammock 0.83 kg / 1.8 lb
Sleeping capacity two persons
Max weight 200 kg / 440 lbs at the most



1. Lightweight and Easy-to-carry: Only weighs 1.8lbs/ 0.83kg, max capacity of 440lbs/ 200kg; open size:290 * 145 cm / 114 * 57 in, big hammock bed.
2. Hammocks with Mosquito Nets Frame Design.
3. Easy Set-up: 1) Adjustable Straps 2) The hammock is designed with the mosquito net frame. 
4. High strength parachute nylon fabric hammock bed, easy to clean and dry quickly; polyester bug net, breathable and tear resistant
5. Compact and Versatile: Used as a normal hammock while putting mosquito net on the bottom; Used as a small house by setting up the Mosquito net; Used as a sleeping bag together by putting it on the ground.