Hollow Cotton Ultralight Winter Foot Sleeping Bag Lightweight Camping Mummy Sleeping Bags

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300GSM (2 x 150g/m²) ultra-warm filling.
190T Polyester durable outer shell - Water resistant against damp.
Fully Machine Washable.
Double zipper system with windproof draft tube lining for extra insulation.
Secure internal pouch for valuables (mobile phones, electronics, accessories).
Additional internal drawstring collar pulls above the shoulders to keep out unwanted drafts and wind.

1. Ultra Warm Filling 300GSM (2 x 150g/m2).Water Resistant and Perfect for 3 - 4 Seasons.
Comfort temperature of +10°C to 0°C. Extreme use down to -10°C.
2. Drawstring mummy hood covers your entire head and face to keep warm.
3. Internal pouch for valuables and mobile phones, wind-proof double zipper system and internal drawstring collar for ultimate comfort.
4. Comfortable, durable and lightweight for summer and winter camping, outdoor use. Compression bag for easy carrying included.

Included in 1 piece:
1 sleeping bag
1 compression sack